Thursday, March 15, 2012


Fascinating people I've met around the globe

and wish to meet more in the future…. !!!

Souvenir seller in Istanbul

One of a nice staff in Hotel Basileus Istanbul.. Great hotel

Seller in Spice Market, Istanbul

Carpet maker in a carpet shop, Istanbul

Restaurant owner in Istanbul

Violin player in one resto in Istanbul

Construction worker in Istanbul

Construction worker in Istanbul

Street fastion in Istanbul

Construction worker in Istanbul

People walking around in Istanbul

People work in Istanbul

An old lady walking around in Istanbul

An old man in Istanbul

A waiter with apple tea in Istanbul

Male belly dancer in Istanbul… still amaze until now

A dancer in Istanbul

Fruit seller in Istanbul

Fruit seller in Istanbul

Fruit seller in Istanbul

Spices seller in Istanbul

Sahlep (hot ice cream) seller in Istanbul

Fruit seller in Istanbul. The electricity went off on that night.. so we do the transaction in the dark

A guy in the mini market in Istanbul

Kebab seller in Istanbul

Juice seller in Istanbul

The chef in the hotel where I stay, Hotel Basileus

A guy who guard miniturk, Istanbul

A guy who perform in a military concert in Military museum, Istanbul

A guy who play drum in a military concert in military museum, Istanbul

A guy who play percussion in military concert, military museum, Istanbul

The leader in the military concert, military museum, Istanbul

A guy who hold the flag in the military concert, military museum, Istanbul

ceramic seller in grand bazaar, istanbul

ceramic seller in grand bazaar, istanbul.. nice guy.. he sells carpet too

a waitress in one restaurant near sulaimaniye mosque, istanbul

a carpet maker in old bazaar, istanbul

a pashmina seller in old bazaar, istanbul.. nice guy… very talented seller

pastry shop owner near the hotel we stay in Istanbul… very very good food he sells

kebab maker.. in Istanbul

a random guy we met in Istanbul.. so friendly

a very pretty young girl who sell pastry near our hotel in Istanbul

a chef in istiqlal street, istanbul

An old lady I met in Shanghai


 A lady selling snack for only 500 rupiah. One USD equal to 9000 rupiah. Go figure..

An old lady in Lombok. I found her face is so sad.. her eyes is grey.. due to lacking of nutrition I think

An old lady who lives in a very small house in Jakarta. She is so skinny but she gave me some advice on how to live a healthy life. Her age is around 80 years old

A lady who serve meal in a resto in Ho chi Minh City. She's beautiful

An old man in Bukittinggi. He noticed that I was lost and very kindly offer help to take me to the  place i want to go

An old man riding a bicycle in Padang and stopped when he look at me with camera and big lenses. And told me that I would find some good site inside the temple. I took a shot and he smiled

This old lady was so poor, but her smile was so grace.  Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

A man who take care of a chinese temple in Padang 

A man who prep some traditional indonesian food. Fascinated by his mustache and hat

A man who sell souvenir in Moscow. Im fascinated by his beard.. and his kind face lured me to buy some of his items

A street singer in Moscow.. Im just amazed with the shocking pink pashmina she's wearing

Fond of this man who sell old Russian posters in Moscow.. He was so shy but kind...

An old street singer in Moscow.. He was smiling when I took his photo

I hope taking and uploading this pic will not get me into any trouble... He is a guard in Kremlin, Moscow. And this pic was taken when he was still on duty

A beggar in front of a cathedral in St Petersburg. She was smiling at me before i pointed my camera at her. But when I clicked, she sticked her tongue out at me… Was I supposed to be happy or offended, Im not sure..

There is a funny story behind this pic. I was trying to shoot a line of statues in Charles Bridge, Prague. And it was not easy in the middle of many tourist. Somehow these 3 boys was walking towards me and blocking my object. I was first a bit impatient and wonder why they are still there. But they walked even closer to me and said.."hi.. do you want to take some pic of local people.. take our pic, we're local people.." I smiled and took this pic. And after that they said "well, we're actually french but we live here.. so you can count us as local people… " and they smiled at me and went away…. 

This man is an owner of a traditional coffee shop in Padang. I am hoping that he survived the earthquacke

A sailor in Padang. I also hope he survive the earthquacke

A girl who serve Pho in a resto in Ho Chi Minh City

This old lady was literally planting her false teeth in the middle of a park in Ho Chi Minh City

A fruit seller in Ho Chi Minh City. Im amazed by her soft and smooth skin

We met this boy in one temple in Ho Chi Minh City. At first he was showing us some turtle pet in front of the temple. Then, He was so fascinated by my friend's pocket camera. So my friend had a chat and taught him how to use it.. They actually didn't understand each other's language. But somehow they managed to talk and laugh along the way. And he ended up taking many picture of us and was keen to learned more. Unfortunately our time was short.. 
What a nice curious young man.. Im praying a better life for his future

A parking guy in old city Jakarta… you must be tough and hard to survive in this city.. that was my first impression when I saw his face.. maybe i was wrong...

A girl who persistently sell us coconut and souvenir in Angkor area in Cambodia. Under the hot weather, she managed to stay tidy, pretty, style her hair up with nice necklace around her neck

This man is a tour guide in war museum in Siem Reap. It was a civil war during Pol pot era in Cambodia. In his left side of his face lied a wound of landmine explosion. 
Some of the mine pieces is even still inside his flesh.. 
Whatever you can call it.. civil war.. or world war..… 
It is always a disturbing and an unsettling chapter to tell… 

A young girl wearing hijab in a moslem community in Siem Reap

A young man in an art craft workshop. 
I asked him for a shot and he strike a pose for me. 

A lady who sell hat inside the angkor complex at Siem Reap. What a nice smile she has

A man who take care of the site in Angkor area.

If you go to Angkor area, there will be many women wearing this kind of hat and this blue uniform. They are the cleaning lady. The weather was hot… you can tell it from her sweat around the face

My tour guide when we visit Siem Reap, Mr Nared. He was the nicest man ive ever met…!!! I strongly recommend him for anybody who wants to go to Siem reap. He speak english very fluently and has lots of knowledge of anything about Siem reap and angkor.. We sometime asked him some difficult sensitive question but he always patiently answer. He was so understanding with our pace, our needs and our interest. Superb service.. 

a young man who guard angkor complex. 

A moslem man we met in Shanghai. He was selling nutts in front of a mosque. I just found his face to be so serene and kind. 

A lady who sell coconut in angkor complex

A female monk in siem reap who keep smiling everytime I direct my camera to her… I love her smile so much…!!!

A young monk in Siem Reap. I told him to smile and he was blushingly smiling

A female monk in Siem Reap

A young monk in Siem Reap who was studying inside a temple. Love his eyes

A young monk in Siem reap, who was taking a rest inside the temple

A street singer in Amsterdam. I was fascinated by how she was so  into the singing among all those crowds. As if she was singing in a bubble. Im also amazed by her red hair that is beautifully glowing in the sun

A street singer in Amsterdam playing harmonica

Some kids I met around the area of a temple in Siem Reap. Every time I talked to this one, he kept laugh and laugh and laugh… I guess the world was so pure and happy in his eyes… 

My cute Niece… the object of my photography try out

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