Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its a tough life but Im livin it with smile

All my problems seems so tiny compare to this…  These pics are dedicated to those people who struggle to make ends meet.. 
the least I can do to make a difference

This lady lives with her daughter and her father, and this is the housing condition

This Lady lives in a 1x1 metre block with only 2 walls and candle... together with 8 other family members

This is the hallway to their houses... very small only fit for a tiny person

The condition of the houses

The small hallway

There is a house on top of the other.. with a very small staircase... they sleep there but cook downstair and leave the kitchen in the open


She makes end meet by taking care of this garage with her husband.. someone else's garage.. And they tried to make the best out of it. And they live and sleep there day to day


A week after we met him.. this man passed away of TBC

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in case you dont notice, the guy in the right has no leg... 

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