Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moscow Album

There's nowhere like Moscow.....  or Russia for that matter... its more than just a story about Stalin, communism or dictatorship ..
There's more beneath.. a week there.. i felt that there's so much richness in its culture, there's pride in their nation, there's kindness in its people and sophistication in its literature..
Even after years.. I can still remember the feeling of its breezy air, magnificent arts, colorful buildings, intriguing vibrant and fascinating history.... surrounded by a new movement of modernity
Russia.. I'll be back.... one day... i'll be back...!!!!

Up in the air approaching Moscow greeted by Sunrise

At the Domodedovo airport picked up by our tour guide

First spot, sparrow hill.. to see the view of the city

war memorial park

First glimpse of the city

Love the tree

My husband by the river

I found this duck statue kind of cute

The thing about travelling on Autum... the leaves are gorgeous

Beautiful church.. look at the details

Statues statues and statues... with bold bold colors

Stralling down the bridge was awesome

Was taken by this lady.. and the leaves flying around her

buildings in moscow

Catching my breath when entering the red square for the first time!!!

Red square and my husband... superb!!!

Russian Museum

Kremlin from Red square...

The famous St Basil cathedral

CANT GET ENOUGH OF ST BASIL.. It just awesomely beautiful

McDonald and Karl Marx.... go figure.. =)

In front of red square in the early morning

At the red square

Still at the red square

At the red square

Stunned by this orange striking building..

And again.. stunned by this shocking pink church

Even in the train station you can enjoy the art

The train station and the famous statues

At the train station

Approaching Ismaelovsky park

People at the ismaelovsky park

The gorgeous art at the train station

Another art at the train station

The train station... its like entering a museum

And.. its another train station... look at the detail of the mozaik

From one train station to another train station, riding a very steep and long escalator

People at the old arbat street

The view of old arbat street

St Basil and Russin Museum at night

Red square at night

The stair at the park at the red square

Entering Kremlin

The outside view of Kremlin

The cathedral at the Kremlin

Trees and leaves inside Kremlin

Russia is also about bold and big... the biggest bell in the world

The biggest canon ....

line of canon at the kremlin

Love the color of the dome

The mysterious Kremlin

Exiting Kremlin... still dont wanna leave

Upper side: Stalingrad, Lower side: Leningrad

Changing guard at alexander park

The guard at the tomb of unknown soldier

Love this church.... so strikingly colorful

 golden leaves in front of GUM department store at the red square.. this is our last night in Moscow

The last morning at our hotel in Moscow.. really sad to leave

Last breakfast... catching moscow morning life from the coffee shop

Our last day we ride a bus to war museum

My hubby with the status of Stalin, Zukov and Comunist party flag, at the war museum

The lamps up in the roof was representing the tears of the victim of war

Beautiful diorama dispay... and sad at the same time for the story depicted

Line of names of the war victim

Great war photographs

Still at the war museum.. to the display of weaponry outside

I like the way they display the tank....

Our very last spot of the war museum...


After our last supper in Moscow... took a red train to St Petersburg..
I said to my self... Moscow... I'll be back.. Im not done with you yet.....

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