Sunday, March 13, 2011

A story about our puppy named SawMai

My male dog Bakpao needs a friend…. so we're out looking…. browsed through the net on finding sharpei female puppy

Found a breeder somewhere in Jakarta… They said they only have one female puppy left.. We went there with Bakpao to see if he could get along…

The first time I saw her.. it was a mixed feeling.. As she had several hair loss spot in her body.. When I asked the breeder, they said "it was just a regular cycle of hair loss. It will get back to normal soon.. Just feed her with some dog foods with vitamin"

There was a little bit of doubt in my heart.. especially seeing how she was a bit rejected towards Bakpao.. Will they get along? When I asked, the breeder answered again "she might feel threatened as Bakpao is within her territory, she will get used to later on" 

Overwhelmed by the mercy feeling over doubt (as her eyes looked so cute as if she was craving for love)… we took her anyway… 

Turned out… her hair loss was getting worse… in a week her body surrounded by red rashes.. I called the breeder and they said it used to be normal thing. But my guts told differently and we went to a vet.. The diagnostic crushed my heart.. She was suffered from demodex, a very severe genetic skin disease that will stay in her body for good. I called the breeder and they kept saying its impossible and said that the vet might lead us to a false alarm. We went to a second and third vet for a second opinion. And the result came out the same.. I was mad and sad at the same time, felt like being conned. But my hubby said, just let it go, there is no use to be mad at the breeder. Maybe God send her to us… So she can be taken care much better with love… 

So… that's what we did.. we took care of her.. Slowly… she recovered… and… all the rashes are now gone..  she is now healthy and free from the skin ill.. Even the vet was surprised on how fast the recovery… 

Now I believe… love is the best medicine… 

These curious but "whatever" eyes that touched my heart at the beginning

This is when her rashes first strike very bad

She used to be so weak and hid under the blanket

This is when she started to slowly recovered

After every medication, she always fell so sleepy.. and i love to take her picture from every angle

She does love to have a sunbathing... this is my favorite pic of her... love the light surrounded her

Sawmai.. still during sunbathing

This is what I mean by her expression of "whatever"

Trying so hard to go out...

I always say to my hubby that in this pic.. she looks so sexy.. look at her curvy thigh

my favorite part of her body... her chubby nose....

she was a bit mad at me for keep taking picture of her

her teeth is now itchy... look at d scratch in my of the victim of her teeth

another sunbathing act

sleepy eyes....

so so so so cute...

another sunbathing moment

Again... love love sunbathing

And now she is taking over the sofa!!! and all the pillows too!!!

Her cute wrinkle face when she sleeps

She is now fully recovered... and make my hands full...


As if she is saying.... "Oh Mum... please stop taking my picture!"


Playing with Bakpao

After a walk around the neighbour.. the moment she always await every day

This is the recent sleepy face.... healthy and free of Demodex... Thanks God

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